Outlasts Waxing:
One application gives you as much as 
six (6) months of shine and protection.

Gentle on original finish:
Bonds electro-statically, no chemical
reaction with the surface.

Unrivaled temperature resistance:
Protects effectively up to 300C (572F) 
while wax gives way at 40C (104F).

Ultra Violet Protection:
Protects against the effects of UV rays, 
the number one cause for dull finishes.

Withstands substances from pH 1-12:
Protects paint against most acids, 
alkalis, solvents and even bird fouling.

More durable than wax:
Protective layer does not dissipate
like waxes and silicones.

Works on all hard surfaces:
Glass, Metal, Rubber, Plastic, 
Fiberglass, Painted Finishes.

Saves time:
Dilute, mist, rinse and wipe. It's 
that simple. No buffing required.

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