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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
A Permanon Application & Maintenance 
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What is Permanon?

Permanon™ primarily contains Silicium, 14Si on the Periodic Table, also known as Silicon (not to be confused with Silicone) and is the primary element used to make glass.  It is engineered on the nano-level (atomic and molecular scale usually measured in nanometers or one-billionth of a meter) and is suspended in a proprietary formula that allows it to be spray-applied and statically bonded to virtually any hard surface. When Permanon is applied to a hard surface, microscopic platelets of Silicium are drawn into the nano-pores of the surface creating a barrier of protection where even bacteria cannot get a foothold. 

Permanon is a water-based surface protection solution that is non-flammable, non-toxic, solvent-free and biodegradable. It is an extremely effective water repellant, resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions and solvents, and protects surfaces from Ultra Violet (UV) radiation.

Permanon is offered in concentrate to be mixed with water. This technology allows for the rapid application of a transparent, durable, UV-resistant coating safe for all solid indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Is Permanon a wax?
Permanon does not contain waxes, silicones or any other topical agent. The primary component in Permanon is the element Silicium (14Si).  See above, "What is Permanon?"

How does Permanon bond with 
the surface?

All hard surfaces naturally have a negative charge; Permanon has a positive charge. When a surface is misted with Permanon the positive charged Silicium (14Si) instantly bonds with and fills the nano-pores and micro-structure of the surface.  At the nano-level (one billionth of a meter) this static bond is very strong.  Once attached, it seals the surface making it hydrophobic.  The water mixed with Permanon is simply the carrier and all that is left behind to be wiped away.

Can I apply Permanon over a waxed or silicone treated surface?
Yes it is safe, but never recommended. Permanon will adhere to the wax, silicone or other surface treatment and ultimately fail when these other treatments fail.  If another temporary surface treatment has been recently applied, it must be removed prior to the application of Permanon. If your vehicle/vessel has not been waxed in over three months, then a simple wash with Dawn dish detergent should remove any remaining wax residue.  Otherwise, we recommend the use of EXTREME Simple Green Aircraft & Precision Cleaner for the safe removal of wax or silicone treated surfaces.  There are other products that effectively remove wax, but we like EXTREME Simple Green because it is Boeing Certified not to etch aluminum.  This makes it safe to use on or around aluminum rims and trim.

What can I treat with Permanon?
Any hard surface can be treated, including plastics, metals, painted or varnished wood, gel coat, clear coat, glass, FRP and polished stone to name a few. Permanon works on the nano level and will offer no protection on fabric, suede or other porous surfaces.

What is the difference between Permanon Platinum and Yacht?
Permanon Platinum contains the highest concentration of Silicium (14Si) in any of the Permanon products.  It offers the highest level of protection, but should never be mixed to any concentration over 10% as higher concentrations can cause varying degrees of streaking.

Permanon Yacht contains one of the higher levels of Silicium, but is also formulated to allow for any concentration up to 100%.  While any concentration of any Permanon product will offer UV protection, a 100% concentrate application will provide the maximum level of UV protection.  This is ideal for varnished/coated wood and any other topside surfaces that are sensitive to constant exposure to the sun's UV radiation.

Can I use Permanon Platinum on my boat, or Permanon Yacht on my car?
Yes to both.  Keeping in mind the information provided in the previous answer (above), both products can be used very effectively on both land-based and water vehicles.  In fact, there is only one reason why you would not use Permanon Platinum for all of your surface protection needs:  If you have a surface that requires more UV protection, then Permanon Yacht is specifically formulated to do exactly that at the higher concentrations. Otherwise, Permanon Platinum offers the most protection for everything else.

Portable Permanon Application Instructions & Informational Flyer

We've created two new portable documents for anyone who might like to have them. First is the Permanon Application Instructions we include with every order we ship. This is a good document to print and keep handy with your supply of Permanon.

And last is a new 2-page Permanon Flyer, which is a convenient document to email or pass along to friends who you think might be interested in learning more about Permanon.

The download links follow. Right-click and select Save As to save these PDF documents to your own computer. You will need the free Adobe Reader to open these files.

1.) Permanon Application Instructions
2.) Permanon Flyer

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Permanon Coverage Chart
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size chart will open in a new window:


How much Permanon will I need to treat my vehicle/vessel?
When applied by a professional using professional equipment, we have found that one 32 oz container will cover an average area of 323 square feet (40 square meters).  A one gallon container will cover an average area of 1,292 square feet (120 square meters).

In general, when sprayed properly with a fine-mist applicator, one 32 oz spray bottle will cover approximately two mid-sized sedans. A one gallon container will cover approximately two trailer trucks or three full-size RV's.

NOTE: These coverage area estimates are based on a proper "fine-mist" application.  These values can vary from user to user and cannot be guaranteed.  Also, Permanon cannot adhere to itself and therefore cannot be "layered".  Do not over-apply Permanon otherwise you will waste the product.

How much mixed product can I make with the concentrate?

100 ml Permanon Concentrate:
Makes 2 liters at a 5% mix with water
Makes 1 liter at a 10% mix with water

500 ml Permanon Concentrate:
Makes 10 liters at a 5% mix with water
Makes 5 liters at a 10% mix with water

1 Liter Permanon Concentrate:
Makes 20 liters at a 5% mix with water
Makes 10 liters at a 10% mix with water

Permanon is sold in concentrate for significant savings.  Only a 5% mix is require for most scenarios. A 10% mix is reserved for first time applications on boats and RV's with a gel coat.

How do I mix 5% or 10% of Permanon with water?
The 500 ml (16.9 oz) and 1 liter (33.8 oz) bottles of Permanon include a 50 ml (1.69 oz) measuring cap. For a 5% solution, simply pour one 50 ml cap of Permanon into an empty 32 oz spray bottle (with adjustable spray head for a fine-mist application), then add enough clean water to fill the rest of the bottle. For a 10% solution, simply pour 100 ml (two 50 ml caps) of Permanon into the empty 32 oz spray bottle and fill the rest with clean water.

For larger jobs, use a one (1) gallon garden sprayer.  For a 5% solution, pour 190 ml (3-3/4 measuring caps) of Permanon into the empty one gallon container, then fill with water.  For a 10% solution, pour 379 ml (7-1/2 measuring caps) of Permanon into the empty one gallon container, then fill with water.

Purified/distilled water is recommended to avoid the possibility of hard-water spotting.  Clear tap water can be used so long as the surface is dried with a lint-free cloth immediately after application.  Keep in mind that all public water contains minerals that can create "water spots" if left to dry in the sun.  Proper application and drying techniques will insure appropriate results.

What is the shelf life of Permanon?
Permanon concentrate has a shelf life of at least two (2) years so long as it is stored in an area where temperatures do not fall below 40°F, or rise above 105°F.  

Mix only what you need for any given job because once Permanon is diluted with water, the shelf life drops to 1-4 weeks.  If using tap water, then 1-3 weeks depending on the clarity of the water.  If using purified water, then the solution will last up to four (4) weeks.

Do not store Permanon (concentrate or mixed) in any area where temperatures can fall below 40°F, or rise above 105°F.

Why are Permanon products sold in metric sizes?
Permanon is bottled in metric sizes because it is manufactured in Germany. Here is a metric-to-standard conversion chart for all of the available bottle sizes:

100 ml
500 ml
1 liter
5 liter
  = ~ 1/2 cup (3.38 oz)
  = ~ 1 pint (2.1 cups or 16.90 oz)
  = 1.05 quarts (33.81 oz)
  = 1.32 gallons

NOTE: Options for 5 Liter totes are not regularly stocked and my take 3-4 weeks to ship. For current availability, send a request by email.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
You will need the free PDF viewer,
Adobe Reader (free) to view these files:

· Permanon Platinum - View
· Permanon Yacht Supershine - View
· Permanon Glass - View
· Permanon PS·Paste - View

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How long will the treatment last?

The only way to remove Permanon is by abrasion or with a cleaner that has an alkalinity level of pH12 or higher.  If neither is present, then Permanon will remain on the surface indefinitely.

The presence and level of particle impacts from regular vehicle use plays a significant roll in the longevity of the treatment.  Because every vehicle can be subjected to a wide variety of environmental factors, it is nearly impossible to nail down a firm time frame for how long the treatment will last. With that in mind, we can generalize that most daily drivers on clean city roads could go as much as 6-9 months before a maintenance application is required.  For a best case scenario, like a showroom car, Permanon will remain on the surface indefinitely.  A worst case scenario where a vehicle is driven hard and regularly through dirty/muddy roads, maintenance applications may be required as often as every 1-3 months.

To determine how often your vehicle may require maintenance applications for the area where you operate, simply watch the water beading after your regular washes.  If the water is still beading up nicely, then the protection is still in place.  When the water beading begins to lay flat, then that is your indicator that it is time for a maintenance application.  Re-apply Permanon Platinum or Yacht Supershine at a lower concentration (5%) after a wash down to restore any gaps in the protection.

Cleaning between applications is as simple as a rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a Microfiber cloth. Dirty environments that leave a layer of dirt on the vehicle should be washed with water mixed with a clean detergent like Dawn (Original) dish detergent.  Never use soaps as they can leave behind a film.  Rinse and dry with a Microfiber cloth, squeegee or blower.

The following test report describes the levels of UV protection one can expect from Permanon, diluted vs. undiluted, and sprayed vs. wiped:

Gloss retention of Jotun’s linear polyurethane topcoat for yachts, Megagloss, with and without `Permanon´ silicium sealer 
Jotun Coatings AS (Norway) laboratory seven-month testing period.
Approx. 60μm dry film thickness of Megagloss was spray-applied onto primed steel plates which were then put through the `Weather-o-meter´ accelerated exposure test. The test exposes coatings to strong ultraviolet light (artificial) and high condensation (water-spray). It is proposed that 5000 hours/208 days in the Weather-o-meter test chamber may be similar to about 6 years of outdoor exposure in a marine environment in the Mediterranean area. 
From a very high starting gloss level of 95 gloss units measured with a gloss meter set at 60°, Megagloss not wiped (sprayed) with Permanon Silicium sealer lost 37 gloss units (39% loss), arriving at 58 gloss after 5000 hours in the chamber. This should be considered an excellent result.

However, Megagloss wiped (not sprayed) just once with undiluted (100% concentrate) Silicium sealer lost only 22 gloss units (23%), arriving at 73 gloss. The use of the sealer showed its positive effect from about half-way through the duration of the test.

The test results show that Permanon Silicium sealer wiped undiluted onto Megagloss polyurethane topcoat has a significantly positive effect on the topcoat’s gloss retention and general weathering properties – particularly in the longer term after the topcoat has been exposed for some time.

J. ScotlandTech. Support Megayacht, Jotun Iberica S.A.

A note from the manufacturer about 100% concentrate applications:
The following information applies to Permanon Yacht Supershine ONLY. The manufacturer of Permanon explains the reason why a 100% concentration application works even though waste is suggested when re-treating a Permanon coated surface at lower concentration levels. It was explained as follows:

”When Permanon is applied neat (100% concentrate), it is wiped on, this way the Si14 particles are crushed together and do adhere as they are nano-sized. Any physical wiping of neat Permanon rather than just spraying and rinsing will result in ´crushing´ the particles together. If sprayed on and rinsed off before wiping they would not bond to each other due to the plus - plus charge repellence.”

Based on this information, for maximum UV protection on surfaces that are sensitive to UV radiation, spray Permanon at full strength (100% concentrate), then wipe the treated surface with a Microfiber cloth to “crush and bond the Silicium” into a stronger, thicker layer of protection, followed by rinse and dry.

What is the difference between
C2 Liquid Crystal and Permanon?

Permanon and C2 Liquid Crystal are one and the same.  They both contain the same formulas and are produced by the same German manufacturer.  The only difference is the branding or labeling and the regional market places where they are sold.  Permanon is the primary brand name sold throughout most of Europe and the Americas.  C2 Liquid Crystal is a private label that is sold in the UK.

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