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Birchmeier McProper Plus 360° Trigger Sprayer

McProper Plus Sprayer is a versatile 360° trigger sprayer for use in any position. It includes a 1/2 liter (500 ml) container with 100 ml measure marks. Works sideways or "upside-down"!


  • Adjustable nozzle for mist/jet
  • Visible fluid level
  • Conical design for extra stability
  • Impact resistant
  • Ergonomic, robust spray head
  • Easy pump operation
  • Durable construction for long life


The decision to use robust, reusable trigger sprayers has multiple advantages:  The user has no time-consuming interruptions due to leaking or clogged devices. The powerful spray head is durable and allows a fatigue-free operation with extended performances for excellent results. Because of its long-life, fewer renewable resources will be consumed.

Birchmeier McProper Plus 360° Trigger Sprayer

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