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PERMANON seals and enhances the finish of any hard surface providing a hard shell of Nano-engineered Silicium particles that bond to protect surfaces such as clear coats, gel coats, fiberglass, varnish, paint, vinyl, glass, metal, plastic, rubber, and more. No more wasting time and energy on waxes that are difficult to apply, don't last, or protect.


Permanon is easy to apply and provides lasting protection on interior and exterior surfaces of cars, trucks, RV's, boats, yachts, aircraft, and more. Scroll down to learn more...

Outlasts Waxing:

One application can provide 6 - 12+ months of protection.

Gentle on original finish:

Strong electrostatic bond with
no chemical reaction.

Unrivaled temperature resistance:

Protects effectively up to 572°F

while wax gives way at 104°F.

Ultra Violet (UV) Protection:

Defends against the number one
cause of dull or faded paint.

High pH Protection (pH 1-12):
Protects paint against most acids, alkalis, solvents and even bird fouling.

More durable than wax:
Permanon is a hard, solid element that does not dissipate like waxes.

Works on all hard surfaces:
Paint, Fiberglass, Gel Coats, Clear Coats, Glass, Metal, Rubber, Plastic, and more.

Saves time:

Dilute, mist, and wipe or blow dry. No buffing. It's that simple.

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