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Birchmeier Viton Spray-Matic Compression Sprayer

Birchmeier Viton Spray-Matic 360° Pump Compression Sprayer

SKU: 7611034130910

The Swiss-made Birchmeier Viton Spray-Matic Hand Pump Compression Sprayer with brass nozzle is ideal for fast and easy applications of Permanon products over large surface areas.


  • Spray in any position (360°).
  • Impact resistant polyethylene tank with 1.25 Liter fill capacity, transparent (tank volume 1.5 Liter).
  • Recessed grips.
  • Chemical resistant Viton gaskets.
  • Safety valve and fixable push-button.
  • Ergonomic and efficient hand pump up to 3 bar operating pressure.
  • Large fill opening.
  • Adjustable and inclinable brass nozzle.
  • Solid brass fan jet nozzle is included for a more efficient and economical application of Permanon.


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