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Pemanon PS Cleaning Paste Open Container

Permanon PS Cleaning Paste

SKU: 4260057352780

Permanon PS · Universal Cleaning Paste removes virtually any stubborn organic stain without any abrasives or harsh solvents. It removes bird droppings, tree sap, heavy exhaust staining, algae and boat scum, scuff marks, cosmetic and lotion stains, soiling from frequently touched surfaces, and a wide variety of other aggressive organic deposits. Made from sixteen (16) high quality pure soaps blended to reinforce the cleaning power of each individual type of soap, it is safe to use on almost any solid surface (not safe for polycarbonate).


Apply a small amount of PS·Paste to a soft wet sponge or cloth and rub onto the soiled area, then rinse thoroughly with water or a fresh wet sponge/cloth. PS·Paste is also suitable for cleaning any delicate surfaces including leather, carpet, tenders and fenders to name a few.


PS·Paste is almost pH neutral when applied and is non-abrasive. It cleans more effectively than other aggressive cleaning products. It removes all difficult organic fouling without damaging surfaces or even removing shine. Great for sensitive surfaces and heavily soiled areas.


Named as a "magic soap" in the French press, it beats all by its sheer effectiveness.


Non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent-free and completely biodegradable.

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